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At Freedom Transformed, we truly care about getting you the assistance you need to live a happy and fulfilling life. Nothing means more to us than our client’s success, and we will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.

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Self Esteem Restored!

"I had reached a point where I no longer knew where I belonged. I was desperately low in my thoughts, feelings, and life. I couldn’t make sense of myself or my position in this life. From the outset, you were understanding and considerate, made me feel at ease and I found myself opening up to you. The session of RTT therapy was the most intense thing ever. I was truly blown away by the depths we reached. I still am!

I was in a dark place, and each day was a challenge. I was experiencing low self-esteem and did not feel I was enough. I found RTT Therapy, and it was a glimmer of hope I needed. After my time with RTT Therapy, something genuinely clicked inside me. I am hopeful for the future and believe t am more than enough"


Money Issues Gone!

"All my life, I have had issues regarding money – not being able to keep hold of it, not feeling comfortable asking for decent rates, wasting it on silly little things and feeling unable to spend on good quality items for myself.

I got to the root cause of the issue plaguing my life for 35 years. I was enabled to remove the deep-seated unconscious beliefs causing me to experience money problems. Five weeks on, and I have a new, positive attitude to money. I no longer feel worried and stressed about asking clients to pay me decent rates for my services. If you are thinking of using RTT Therapy, I would recommend it."


Life Changing

" I wanted to share with you the impact our session a few weeks ago has made on my life. You asked me some very profound questions, which brought up many deep emotions and memories that we addressed during the RTT session. This, undoubtedly, was one of, if not the key, core moments to turn my whole view of myself and my life around – thank you so much. I am now feeling better than I have for years. With deep gratitude"

- Karen

Truly Liberating

"I wanted to share with you how wonderful and truly liberating I found your session. It was like the unshackling of old chains, and I truly appreciate your approach and wonderful way of communicating with us.

My husband and I were very impressed, and I genuinely feel you have helped me greatly. I have more understanding of where (stress and anxiety) come from, and I think my brain is getting better messages from myself."

- Rachel

Confidence Boost

"I have felt increasing confidence since our session and feel like I have really made peace with some of the things that happened as a child.

I have been hyper-aware of how I have been using food as comfort, but I am not getting the same feeling of release when I consume sugar. My sugar cravings have diminished massively. And I just launched my first product recently, which I think reflects my level of confidence improving. Thank you so much for your work"

- Iris