Be A BetterProgrammer

We are always getting messages on our phones and our computers that a new update is going to occur and to prepare for it. But, have you ever thought about sending a upgrade to the most powerful computer in the world, your brain?

We are programming our minds on a daily basis. We just aren’t paying attention to what we are putting into this amazing computer. Ever hear the phrase “garbage in garbage out”?

Our brain is programmed by the words that we use and the pictures that we create. Words repeated over time and the pictures that we associate with them provide the input to our minds.

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Think of some of the things that we say,

· She’s a pain in my neck.

· He gives me a headache.

· I would give anything to not have to go to work today.

· I would rather die than have to give that presentation.

Our brain hears these things, and it goes to work to help us out. We get a headache every time that we are going to encounter that person. We suddenly fall ill with the flu on the day of the presentation. The brain takes everything that we say literally. It doesn’t have the capacity to say “Oh, she doesn’t really mean that.” It has no critical judgement, and it definitely doesn’t have a sense of humor.

We can erase these words by quickly saying, “Cancel” and inserting a positive phrase. For example: “I can’t see that” – “Cancel” – “I’m beginning to see and understand that better.

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A picture must come true, it is the seed of creation. You say to someone, “Don’t slam the door”. The next thing that you hear is a “Bang”. The person that you are speaking too has created the picture of the slamming door and is simply following through on what the interpreted in the split second that the mind received the information. If you want a silent exit, tell the person to close the door gently when they leave. The brain hears and the brain obeys.

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Another way that you can program the brain to think more positively, is to daydream. When we daydream, we go into an alpha state, much like a hypnotic trance, and the subconscious is closer to the surface and is ready to do your bidding. So, you have to pay bills and you don’t have enough money in your account. Get quiet and create a daydream that has you sitting down a paying those bills knowing that you have more than enough money to meet your needs. The mind now has a goal that it has to accomplish because you have given it a specific picture. You may find that within a short span of time you are given an intuitive feeling of what you can do to have the cash that you need to pay those bills.

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Bottom line, become the watcher of your mind. As negative thoughts appear, cancel them and replace them with positive words and pictures that will move you forward to your goals. The mind likes what is familiar and so you will have to maintain this vigilance over time so that a new habit forms in your mind. But, you can do it and it will help you to create the future that you desire