Commitment to Change

Commitment to change is a tough task. It requires strength, passion, and wisdom to becoming a better version of yourself and learning from the past.

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Commitment to Change

Necessity is the mother of invention. We’ve heard this quote all our lives regarding newer and better technologies. But what if it is also true about reinventing ourselves? I’ll tell you why. Because it takes more than necessity to make us move off the path of the known and move into the unknown. It takes commitment and urgency. It means that we must make continual change a part of our identity. If all four of these forces aren’t there, we are never going to stay the path through all the challenges.

Many of today’s thought leaders, Tony Robbins & Brendan Burchard, just to name a couple have said that we must hit a point where we feel that we have no other option than to make a change to the way that we are living our lives. Even Alcoholic Anonymous says that you must hit rock bottom, be sick and tired of being sick and tired before you will commit to making any change in your life. I talk to a lot of people who, like myself, have reached this point that we perceive to be the point of no return and still cannot maintain through all the challenges that are placed on the path. And so, the cycle goes on repeatedly.


The impetus to change can come two different directions, internal and external. For those whose decision comes from something internal, the simply make the decision one day that they just can’t keep living the same old life that they feel caged in by. They just make the decision that they are worth more and they make a commitment to change. Others, me included, often get hit over the head from external forces that let us know that our survival relies on us making that commitment. We lose a job, we lose a relationship, a doctor tells us that if we want to keep on living then we are going to have to lose weight, stop smoking, quit drinking.

When the internal necessity for change and the external forces that are opening us to making change for our survival coincide, we make it happen. The urgency that is needed to motivate us to do something is overwhelming and we become obsessed with the idea that we are going to improve our lives.


Take that obsession and urgency and use it to make a commitment and growing and improving our lives becomes our identity and there is no turning back. We find that we can find answers. We know that we can find solutions to any challenges that stand in the way of our journey to becoming the best that we can be.

Combine the necessity, the urgency, the obsession and tie your identity to your commitment to change and no matter how hard it gets, you will remember your cause and you will plow forward into a world of fulfillment and success.