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When most people think about courage, me included, we think about those people who put themselves in harm’s way to save another person. We might even extend it to those who will say things that aren’t considered to be politically correct to defend someone from being bullied. We get closer to why courage is a prerequisite to an RTT session when we see people who live their lives the way that they want without a care to what others may think.

Psychological courage is the act of facing or overcoming your own anxieties, insecurities ad mental fears. It’s about asserting your authentic self rather than conforming even if others might not like it. It’s about experiencing personal growth even if it’s only a private victory.

As I started to really ponder this idea of courage, I began to understand why I put off doing my first RTT session and why so many RTT therapists, me included, are finding that people are anxious to book their session but don’t follow through and do it.


Whenever we decide that we want to make a massive change in our lives, we inevitably look at what it is that we are giving up. I knew that I wanted to move forward in my life as a strong, powerful woman. I wanted it. So, why not take the steps that would lead me to that point?

I began to realize that I was going to have to give up some of the perks of being the poor, pitiful victim. If I stayed where I was psychologically, I would continue to be taken care of by my family. Was I really ready to give that up? Nope, not at first. It was frightening to think about going out into the world on my own with no safety net, no security blanket.

It took me a while to decide that I was going to make the move, book the RTT session, and face my inner demons. I help my breath; I closed my eyes and I hit the send button that would book my session.

Turns out that doing something even when you are afraid is the true definition of courage.


The good news about courage is that we don’t have to be born with it. It’s a skill and we can develop it the same way that develop any other characteristic that we want to have. We can build that muscle by taking action despite feeling fear, face life’s challenges rather than avoid them and speak up for ourselves, share our truth.

Let fear become a part of your action plan. Without struggle there is no progress.

Sometimes we just can’t take the courageous route for ourselves. You’re not alone. Most people will do things for others that they wouldn’t dream of doing for themselves. I think that this is particularly true for those of us who don’t feel worthy of having good in our lives. So, choose someone to do it for. Maybe you have a young child that needs a healthy parent? Perhaps it’s that you have a parent who needs to see their child as a happy successful adult. For me, it was that I didn’t want to end up being a burden on my daughters. Look around, there is someone out there who wants and needs you to become your best self.

You are capable of phenomenal things that you will never discover unless you take action. Start developing your courage muscle by booking your RTT session today and beginning your healing journey.

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