Hiding In Plain Sight

For many women who have experienced abuse and bullying when young, they find ways to exist in the world without drawing any attention to themselves - they hide in plain sight.

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I started my campaign to not be seen when I was around 5. I was smaller than most of the kids on the street and really uncoordinated, I was constantly falling over my own two feet. Needless to say, I was the butt of many jokes. My urge to hide grew stronger each year as the children around me matured, losing their baby fat and to my mind, excelling in all that they did, while I stayed short and fat adding only horrible acne to my repertoire. The bashing from my so-called friends intensified and I continued to withdraw. Just when I thought I had made it, I lost weight, my skin cleared up, people began to notice my intelligence, I was raped. I went from hiding in plain sight to outright hiding because I knew that everyone knew what happened and was judging me to be a loser.

I have seen this “hiding in plain sight” from many of the women that I have coached through trauma. If it was from a sexual assault, they held on to the guilt and shame that should have been attributed to their rapists. If it was from bullying, they never felt that they were good enough no matter what they went on to achieve.

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This need to not be seen really begins to affect us as we start to climb in our careers. It’s difficult to put yourself out there in a managerial role or as an entrepreneur. Networking it's a nightmare. Speaking up and asserting yourself in a meeting can cause panic. Taking on a leadership role seems insurmountable.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can be a great resource for eradicating the guilt and shame of an assault, the feelings of not being good enough, and that tremendous burden of not being worthy.

But it is listening to the hypnotic audio that is created just for you that embeds a new, powerful belief system in the subconscious mind that really begins to turn the tide.

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Once those empowering beliefs begin running on autopilot, you become open to creating new habits that redefine your identity to one of a confident, take action woman who not only designs her life but carries the torch that will light it on fire. You become the face of your life and you stand proud before the world.

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It’s never too late to be your own heroine.