Step 2 of the Rapid Transformational Experience!

Understanding is power. Understanding in hypnosis is the most phenomenal power. In order to fix something, you have to understand why the issue is there. You have to understand why, where and when you acquired it.

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Now that you are fully relaxed and in contact with your incredibly powerful brain, you and I are going to form an amazing detective agency that is guided by intense curiosity. We are now going to find the root, the cause of the issue that you are working on in your life right now.

I will tell you that you are now going to go back to a scene where that same feeling and that same belief were present. Your mind is brilliant, and it will take you straight back to the cause of the issue that you are currently dealing with.

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I will count backward from 5 to 1 while instructing your mind that it will take you to a significant scene that will unveil the cause, the reason, and the root of this belief you are working on. It will be like going back in time through a time tunnel and your subconscious mind will select the perfect scene for you to use to gather the information that you need.

I will ask you some grounding questions that will just acclimate you being in the scene. Then we are going to examine the experience and most importantly the feelings that you attached to that time. I will ask you some leading questions that you will immediately know the answer to that will allow you to interpret the feeling and the belief that you formed.


We will go through this process at least 3 times. Each time that we do, you will narrow down the belief that keeps reappearing and has become linked to your belief system.

A lot of my clients tell me that they know what scenes they are going to go to. They may well be right but for many the scenes that they experience in hypnosis have been buried and deemed either too traumatic to look at or insignificant in the grand scheme of their life. Trust that your mind knows exactly where it needs to look in order to find the answer that you are searching for.

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Not all of the scenes that you will go to are traumatic in any way. I know that one of the scenes that came up for me was a scene where my mother was helping my brother with a science fair project. I really wanted to join in because they were building a volcano that would blow up. I was told that I was to go outside and play because she wanted to give some special one on one time to my brother. I decided that I didn’t matter. This is a totally benign scene that takes place in hundreds of homes every day, but I attached a meaning to it that plagued me until I did my first RTT session.

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If something comes up that is traumatic, I will remind you that you cannot relive and event, you can only review it. I will ask you to step back and watch the scene as though it were on a television set. You will have feelings that upset you and that’s okay. We have to feel a feeling until it no longer needs to be felt. I will, however, be there to remind you that I am there, you are not alone, and you are safe.

There may be scenes that come up that you don’t want to describe because they bring up a lot of shame or guilt. That is okay. You don’t have to describe what is going on. We will work strictly with the feelings that you are having and discern the belief that you developed about yourself because of going through the experience.

One of the biggest questions that I get is, what if I don’t go back to any scenes. This isn’t common but there are ways that we can work through feelings and beliefs that you have and still generate the information that we need to find the beliefs that you created and work with them to eliminate them from your life. These processes may even generate scenes that you may have been hesitant to revisit. In which case we will examine them in the same way that we did with someone who went directly back to a scene.

I want to stress that you are still in control. You may not be in control of the scene that comes up but you are able to determine what you want to talk about in regards to the experience or whether you would like to stick strictly to examining the feelings and the beliefs that the scene created.

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