Step 3 of the Rapid Transformational Experience!

Here’s the truth about a lie: it cannot hold up to a challenge.

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So, now that we have uncovered all of the disempowering beliefs that we have created over our lives, we are going to challenge them and watch them crumble.

I like to start with the big picture and that is to find out what role this belief is playing in our life. We are going to do that through finding when and why we created this role.

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I will direct you to look inside and find that part of you that you created to either protect you or punish you, like the anxiety, the depression, the weight gain. We are going to talk to that part like it was a separate entity and find out what it thinks its role and purpose is in your life. Once we know we can negotiate with the part and ask it to either leave our life now or if it would like to take only a different role. That way we take this critic, this saboteur, and get it to agree to do something that will empower us. For instance, it could become our cheerleader. This way instead of telling us that something is too far out of our grasp and there is no way that we will make it happen, it tells us to go for it that we are more than capable of achieving that goal.


Once this part has either left or has decided to upgrade into a positive position in out life, we can start to disassemble the lies, the limiting beliefs, that we have created. We have two things going for us here. A lie cannot hold up to a challenge and what we create we can uncreate.

I like using Tony Robbins analogy about a belief system. We’ll assume that the belief that we are working on is the top of the table. The experiences that hold up that belief are the legs. As we weaken or even remove a leg the belief becomes less stable. Remove enough legs and that table, belief, is going to come crashing down.

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One way to destabilize the belief is to make a simple statement, “That’s not me…”

Let’s say that we didn’t matter because our mom had another baby when we were 3. We weren’t getting all of the attention anymore and our 3-year-old brain decided that we weren’t important to her anymore because she had to spend so much time with the new baby. So, our first line of defense against this belief is just “That’s not me because I’m not 3 years old, I’m an adult.” As an adult we understand that you don’t stop loving one child because another child has come into your life. You just have to split your time and one, the baby, is usually more demanding. If you have more than one child in your life, you can tell yourself, “That will never be me because I have two children and I understand that I can love them equally.”

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This can be used to destabilize all the legs that were created when we were children who hadn’t spent enough time on this planet to come to a rational belief about what was happening and created erroneous beliefs that we can now release.

We can also utilize techniques that bring that child into our life as we are now living. We can point out the home that we now live in that is safe. We can show that child that we now have a phone, a car, a bank account, that we can eat what we want when we want, all of the things that were not available to us a child.

This is great for causing even more destabilization of the beliefs that we have formed because in spite of them being there we have created a life in the present.

You can become the loving parent that you wished you had when you were growing up. You can tell yourself all of the things that you wanted to hear. I am proud of you. You are safe. I will love you completely and unconditionally. It’s never too late to have a loving parent and who better than you to take on that role.

After we have destabilized the legs of our belief table, we are going to knock them down and remove them from your life forever. I am going to tell your mind that these disempowering thoughts are erased and eradicated from your life and that they cannot, will not and do not have any effect over you from this time forward.

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