The Blueprint of Your Life

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Create Your Blueprint

Whenever you build something, you use a blueprint. We are used to seeing ones for houses, but we don’t really give much consideration to the blueprint that our mind uses to create our life.

Our subconscious mind is on constant record. It remembers everything. The brain uses the information that enters to build the blueprint of what our life is going to look like. When I first thought about this, I had to wonder if I had any hope whatsoever of changing the constant roller coaster ride that I was living.

The good news is that we can change the blueprint. We can create a life that excites and fulfills us. How? Good question. Glad you asked.

We tell it what we want. Our brain will do exactly what we tell it to do. All we must do is feed it the right words and pictures and it goes to work to make that the life that we live. It doesn’t even matter if what we tell it is a lie. The subconscious mind cannot tell fact from fiction.

After I had gone through my RTT sessions and had cleared our old beliefs that were holding me back from creating a life that fulfilled me, I remembered reading several books that talked about the power of words. Since I’m not a real visual person, this was something that I really wanted to understand because I somehow knew that it was something that would get me moving in a direction that gave me purpose.

I also realized that although I was not good at visualizing, I could create pictures with the words that I used. I know I should have thought of this earlier because as an avid reader I realize that authors are using just words to convey the scenes that tell us the story.



During my training in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), Marisa Peer told us that two of the greatest words were “Let Go”.

We have to release the past if we don’t want it affecting our life any more than it already has. When we “let go” we tear down the walls that have kept us in our self-imposed prison. We release ourselves to explore new paths and experience new things.

How does it work? Whenever you start to have a negative thought, stop, tell yourself to

Let Go, and give yourself a positive thought.



Any word that follows “I am” is going to be attracted into your life. It creates a self-fulfilling prophesy. Say “I am failing at this” and you will. Tell your incredible brain “I am successful at this” and you are.

I use these powerful statements to affirm the things that I want in my life, but I also use them to tell me who I am. “I am healthy”, “I am active”, “I am intelligent”, “I am powerful”.

It takes some effort to incorporate this into your life so that you don’t accidentally use the “I am” statement to sabotage all the changes that you are striving for in your life. I know that as I started this new business, I had to really stop myself dead in my tracks from saying “I am scared” too many times to count. Whenever you notice that you are using the statement to attract something that you don’t want, stop and rephrase to something that will move you forward like: “I am capable of handling any challenge that comes into my life.”


Such a little word that can cause us so many problems.

Really pay attention to what you are attaching to this sneaky little word, my headache, my aching back, my financial problems, etc. “My” says that you own it.

If you don’t want to lay claim to the issue, just substitute “the” for “my”. Then the headache, the financial problem, etc. becomes something that you can handle and eliminate from your life.

Make a decision that from today on you are going to pay close attention to the words that you tell yourself because they are the ones that have the best chance of changing your life’s blueprint.

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