The Rapid Transformational Therapy® Process

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Client Success

I am a big believer in setting my clients up for success. In order to do that I am going to go over what you are going to experience during the session and why I do some of the things that I do.

I do all my work on the web. I do this for two reasons. The first is that I can reach people who don’t live within driving distance of my office. The second, and probably the most important reason is that when you are in your own surroundings you relax more fully, and this allows you to go into a deeper trance state.


RTT Therapy

Prior to our session, I will have you fill out an Intake Form. This just gives me some basic background information about you. I need to know whether you are on any medications and how those may affect you. I, also, need to know if there are any medical or mental health conditions that would mean that this is not a safe alternative for you to use. For instance, people who have epilepsy or any form of psychosis cannot undergo hypnosis. It will, also, contain a checklist of things that you want to work on. Depending on what you specifically want to get out of the session, we may or may not be able to incorporate some of these items into the session. There are times, though, when there are several issues that are not related that will require us to use more than one session in order to address them.

Once I have this background information, we are going to get straight into what issue you want to focus on during the session. I’ll be asking you about the habits that support the issue as well as anything that triggers you to slip into behaviors caused by this issue. For example, people who overeat because they are stressed by something that is happening in their life and are seeking comfort. Chocolate and I have a co-dependent relationship, so I understand eating for comfort.

Then we are going to get into the good stuff. What is it that you want to walk away from this session with? I mean, if I could wave a magic wand and make this issue disappear from your life, what would your life be like going forward. How would you feel? How would you act? What would friends and family say about this new you? You get the picture, right?


RTT Therapy

Now that both of us know where we are starting from and where it is that you want to go, it is time to get down to work.

I will ask you to get comfortable and to adjust your webcam so that I ca see you from the waist up. I will guide you to enter REM (Rapid Eye Movement), this is the entry into the Alpha state that moves you into the trance state, a state of total relaxation. I will then guide you down 10 steps while giving you suggestions to relax and drift deeper into yourself. Hypnosis is not about going to sleep it is about a sleep of the nervous system.

Then, when you are relaxed, I am going to go through an exercise with you that shows you how suggestible you are. This in no ways implies that I am taking control over you. This exercise shows you that you can accept a suggestion. Each time we accept a suggestion we are open to accepting more. If your mind is open to taking on this meaningless suggestion, it means that it is open to taking on positive suggestions that are meaningful to you.

Now, we are ready to get down to the work. You and I are going to form a detective agency that is guided by compassion and, most importantly, curiosity. I will be guiding you through this regression that is aimed at identifying the limiting and negative beliefs that are causing you pain and holding you back. Your brilliant brain will take you back to just the perfect scenes that will unlock this information.

Once we have gone through the scenes, you and I are going to look at them in the light of the life that you are currently living and find what root cause they have uncovered.

RTT Therapy

Now that we know the root cause of the issue, we are going to use some techniques that interrupt the patterns of behaviors that you are using in our life, based on those decisions you made about you when you didn’t have the life experience to make them rationally. We are going to work together to upgrade that child into a life that is filled with possibilities. The next step, eradicates and eliminates all these old beliefs that no longer work for you.

Now, we are going to move into a transformational recording. This recording is aimed at installing positive and healthy beliefs. It will upgrade your internal computer. You will be sent this recording and asked to listen to it for 21 days. You can listen as you are falling asleep at night or when you wake up. You can, also, listen to it anytime that you feel that you are being triggered to repeat old behavior patterns. We ask you to listen for 21 days as this is the length of time that it takes the brain to incorporate these new beliefs and start to build new neural pathways that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I look forward to working with you and guiding you through your transformation to freedom.

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