Who Not What

Move faster toward achieving your goals by not focusing on what you want but on who you need to be in order to achieve that goal.

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You can make all the right moves to become that successful entrepreneur, CEO, actor, or professional and still never see it through to fruition.

You wonder what went wrong. You read all the right books. You went to all the right schools. You studied the steps that the most successful people in your chosen field took and didn't deviate from their course.

Yet they succeeded and you are still struggling to get even halfway there, or you just gave up after years of trying.

What was the difference?

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People who succeed know that they have to become the type of person who can handle the goal that they want to achieve.

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Successful people are clear about what the final outcome is going to look like. They know the traits and the skills that they are going to need to have in order to bring the goal to fruition. They picture themselves in the end goal. They will be mentally practicing how they will present themselves to the world.

Successful people are passionate about not only the achieved a goal but about the journey they will go on to get there. They develop a strong sense of belonging in the world that they are creating for themselves.

They are positive about their ability to be a success even when they are having to make messy changes in their habits, skills, and beliefs.

They commit to being a learner for life. They commit to growing all aspects of themselves.

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One of the most important attributes that they cultivate is integrity. Their high moral and ethical principles define them.

They are congruent with their goals. They make needed adjustments in their behaviors, their personalities, and their beliefs that are in alignment with what they want to achieve so they know that they can overcome any challenges that present themselves along the way.

Finally, successful people are thankful for what they have, for the journey that they are on, and for the people who are in their lives.

Yes, you have to know what you want to create for your life, but you must also become the person who can appreciate and nurture that final goal.